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The K9WE Forum is now OPEN.

A users group for the Tyan S2915 and other boards





Some specifications on the Tyan S2915
Available NOW  in better Quantities.
See forum for the latest speed tests.
K9WE still beats Intel!

The K9WE like the K8WE will be available in two models. one with SATA drives only and one with SATA and SAS. No onboard SCSI. The non SAS model will be about $447.94 USD and the SAS model will be about $527.09 USD. The exact price won't be known until regular production is started, any reduction WILL be passed on. Send email to info140@jd-engineering.com for reservations or information.

 NEWS we can order it
The non SAS model is available.
Some of the Tyan S2915 SAS is Available. email to reserve one NOW.

Dual 1207 pin sockets
Opteron 2000
5 phase VRM power converters.
nVidia chipset NPF3050 & NPFf3060
Eight Memory slots up to 32GB DDR2
  At 400, 533 and 667 speed

Four PCI x16 slots (quad SLI anyone OR quad dual SLI)
  2 at x16,   2at x8
OR with 4 Quadro NVS 440 you can have 16 monitors total.
Two PCI-X at 100Mhz OR One at 133Mhz (this is PCI-X standard)
10 USB 2.0
2 Firewire 1394a
  RealTek ALC262

Eight SAS ports (SAS ports can use SATA drives)

(you could have 14 SATA drives if you wish)

Most of the other stuff is the same as on the K8WE. BUT it looks like Tyan listened to the negative points on the reviews and fixed them for the K9WE





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