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We currently sell 4 customized basic types of computers. These types are a basic office machine, Servers small to large, high end Workstations and Gaming Machines. Each of these basic styles can have many variations.


The Case can be changed to anything that you want.

Brief description of the product ..

Executive Summary Specifications :

This is a nice medium power office worker pc. it comes with Microsoft XP Professional 32 bit (normal). We can give a good price if we install Microsoft office during assembly. This system will support Microsoft XP Professional X64 (no extra charge if ordered with it).

Technical Specifications :

AMD Sempron 64 2600+ (YES it is a 64 bit processor)
512 MB memory in one slot, easy to upgrade later.
40 Gigabyte hard drive.

Pricing starts at $495 configured to work with your network and installed in the twin cities area.




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