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We currently sell 4 customized basic types of computers. These types are a basic office machine, Servers small to large, high end Workstations and Gaming Machines. Each of these basic styles can have many variations.


Custom System Builder

If you need a simple desktop computer that is reliable and free of the spyware and adware, this is the place.

If you need a good reliable server with Microsoft SBS or full Server installed and supported by a Microsoft OEM system builder, this is the place.

If you need a gaming machine to shock and awe your friends, this is the place.

If you need a custom built High End graphics Workstation, this is the place.

Why is this the place?

Because we care that you are satisfied with the performance of our products. Everything we sell includes a network and system evaluation to insure that everything works together.

Computers and things

Basic office computer. Built to suite your needs.
    Option, Microsoft office preinstalled (good price!)

Servers small and economical to big 8 processor models. built to your needs.

Gaming Machines with SLI,  multi-processors, custom cases, water cooling and more.

High end Workstations.

Networking and security, we design and configure secure networks.



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