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We currently sell 4 customized basic types of computers. These types are a basic office machine, Servers small to large, high end Workstations and Gaming Machines. Each of these basic styles can have many variations.

Special for a limited time, When you buy a server or Workstation you can receive a free flight training lesson from Crystal Shamrock Aviation here in the twin cities. Call for information.

Servers are different from desktop computers

Basically a desktop computer can fail and it matters, but not that much. A single worker may lose some work and be unconvinced until the desktop computer is repaired or replaced,

If a server fails your whole business can (and is likely) to go with it.

This is why servers are more expensive. they must have error correcting memory, good backups (done often), by today's standards,  redundant hot swap raid disk arrays, the kind where if a disk dies, your data lives, your business runs and the dead disk is replaced without even shutting down.

Big server box
Servers starting at $1199 without software. With Microsoft Small Business Server starting at $1799

Servers come with from, 1 processor, up to 8 processors, that can be dual core. (16 cores)

Memory from 1 Gigabyte up to 128 Gigabyte. Hard drive storage can run from very little up to multi-terabyte. One server to several servers each doing a separate part of supporting the information needs of your business.

Servers need to be matched to your business needs today and a planed organized growth for your further needs. The only thing certain is that you will need more computing power each next year for the foreseeable future. Government compliance issues will drive this if nothing else.

This is why no one should trust their business to randomly purchased generic mass marketed computers from the big box companies. The information technology infrastructure must be planed in a coordinated way. Save money in the right areas today so that you will know where to upgrade next year at minimum cost.

We at JD Engineering MN can analyze your current equipment and infrastructure to recommend the most cost effective way to improve total efficiency.

If a server is needed we can build it to the exact specifications with nothing extra that you don't need.

Servers need to be built to match the task.

JD Engineering MN does sell and recommend Microsoft server software. Servers can NOT just be bought and plugged in, they must be setup for your business. Our prices include the initial setup and an 'adjustment period'. If you buy other computers from us and some networking equipment at the same time, your whole infrastructure can usually be completed at no extra charge. We do give flat rate estimates.




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