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We currently sell 4 customized basic types of computers. These types are a basic office machine, Servers small to large, high end Workstations and Gaming Machines. Each of these basic styles can have many variations.

Affordable Thunder Designer's Workstation

                 Big server box$1999

JD Engineering MN - Thunder Workstation 64-bit Power - Fully Customizable
Processor Dual AMD Opteron 200 Series processors Model 244 at 1.8 GHz. More energy efficient. Dual-core available.
Operating system Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional x32 standard, or  x64 Edition 64-bit preinstalled, Linux available.
Cache 2MB L2 cache
Core logic AMD-200 series with Direct Connect Architecture
Memory (std/max)1 2GB expandable to 16GB, PC3200 ECC DDR SDRAM, 128-bit controller; 8 DIMM slots total
Graphics capabilities   SLI Dual PCI Express x16 slots with FULL SPEED x16 lanes on each slot, Quad-display capable
 High end 3D NVIDIA® Quadro® FX 540, 128MB DDR SDRAM or any upgrade you want.
Power supply 550W Larger supply needed with many options.
Hard drives Standard SATA: RAID 0, 2 160GB/7200rpm. Options  36GB/15,000rpm; 250GB/7,200rpm
Optional SAS Multi-Terabyte Raid 6
Controllers SATA integrated, Option SCSI RAID.
Optical storage CD/DVD Combo. Option Dual-layer DVD +/- and all the CD types
Slots (total/open) 6 slots: • Two x16 PCI Express FULL SPEED slots
     - Slot1 PCI-E x16 from nForce™ Prof. 2200
     - Slot3 PCI-E x16 from nForce™ Prof. 2050
 • Two independent 64-bit PCI-X buses
     - Slot 4 & 5: PCI-X 100 MHz max. (Bridge B)
     - Slot 6: PCI-X 133 MHz max. (Bridge A)
 • One 32-bit 33MHz PCI v2.3 (Slot 2)
Bays (total/open) 6 bays: (3/2) 3.5" internal, (1/1) 3.5" external, (2/1) 5.25" external
Network interface Two Integrated high-bandwidth Gigabit Ethernet with WOL and PXE.
Ports 8 USB 2.0 (2 front, 4 back); 2 IEEE 1394 (1 front, 1 back); 1 serial
Audio AC-97 audio, microphone in (front and back), line in, line out, integrated speaker
Case This is just one example of a case. There is a variety of cases available. From to big to less big and quiet to noisy. This is a custom build, we aim to please.

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